Apex Legends devs confirm Control will not be permanent in Season 14

Hamza Khalid
Apex Legends characters in Control LTM

Players have been calling for Apex Legends’ Control LTM to be made permanent since its introduction, but Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

The Control LTM arrived was added to Apex Legends back in Season 13, and this 9v9 mode tasked teams with fighting to capture three control points across the map with respawns enabled.

This game mode proved to be so popular that players were asking Respawn Entertainment to bring it back permanently, but Apex Legends‘ developers have confirmed that this won’t be the case.

While Control briefly returned in Collection Events, there was no indication that it would be here to stay. During the Season 14 launch press event in July, the developers revealed that there are currently no plans to make it into a permanent mode.

apex legends control gameplay

Instead, Control will remain an LTM that will rotate in and out of the game at different points in time. It will most likely be added during in-game events and then removed once they come to an end.

While this may be disappointing to fans, it’s entirely possible that the developers could change their minds later. After confirming that there are no plans to make it permanent right now, the devs added: “Never say never.”

Perhaps, the developers will make Control a permanent part of Apex Legends in a future season. If they ever confirm that the popular LTM will always be available in the game, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Respawn Entertainment also confirmed in the Season 14 launch press event that LTMs will be coming mid-season. It remains to be seen what these game modes will be, and if Control will be among them.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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