Apex Legends devs announce Chinatown Market event delay

Hamza Khalid
Chinatown Market crossover in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that the launch of Chinatown Market crossover skins in Apex Legends has been delayed due to the clothing brand rebranding due to feedback from the Asian American community.

Apex Legends has a wide variety of colorful characters to choose from, and each of them is unique in terms of their abilities and appearance. You can add some more flair to the Legends by equipping different skins for them.

Respawn Entertainment announced a crossover with Chinatown Market, a popular L.A based streetwear brand. This was going to bring some neat new skins to the game on March 30, but it has now been delayed to a later time.

Bloodhound skin in the Apex Legends Chinatown Market crossover

Chinatown Market announced the news in a statement on social media, stating that the Asian American community is “rightfully demanding” that the company “think and act more honestly” about their name.

As a result, they’ve decided to change their name, writing: “We should have done this sooner, but it is never too late to do the right thing. Today, we are announcing that we are changing our name.”

“We did not do enough to consider what this name would mean to the communities in Chinatowns across the world, and we need to take ownership of this mistake. It’s time to do the right thing, and we are committed to being a part of that change.”

While Apex Legends players and Chinatown Market fans believe that this is definitely a positive change, a few fans have been left disappointed that they won’t be getting those new skins at the promised time.

However, Respawn still plan to make this crossover happen, and we’ll see those skins arrive with new designs at a later date. The developers will announce the new date after this situation has been resolved.

We’ll keep checking for updates regarding the Chinatown Market event in Apex Legends. In the meanwhile, you can try out the content that arrived in the War Games event, such as new skins and an LTM.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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