Apex Legends dev responds to Loba’s broken Jump Drive

Hamza Khalid
Loba in Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans have been facing problems with Loba’s Jump Drive ability for several seasons, with her bracelet failing to consistently teleport players. Now, a dev from Respawn Entertainment has responded to the issue.

Loba joined the Apex Legends ranks back in Season 5, and while she hasn’t affected the battle royale’s meta in any major way, she’s still a useful character to have on your team. Her abilities allow you to steal loot and teleport during battle.

Fans haven’t had any issues with her ultimate and passive abilities, but the Legend’s teleporting bracelet ability isn’t working as well as it should. Respawn Entertainment have responded to the issue, confirming they are aware of it.

Loba's bracelet in Apex Legends

Loba’s bracelet ability isn’t functioning properly, with the uneven animation either leaving players exposed or not working altogether. Sometimes tossing the bracelet at certain parts of the map will cause it to return to your pocket.

The developers have tried fixing the problem in the past by altering the parts of World’s Edge and Olympus where the bracelet wasn’t working. This had varying levels of success, and the issue continues to plague Apex players in Season 8.

The bracelet is not functioning properly on the newly reformed Kings Canyon during Season 8. One player pointed out another spot to Respawn’s design director Jason McCord, who then responded: “Ugh yeah, that sucks. I’ll send it to the right peeps.”

While a fix for the problem isn’t currently listed on the Apex Legends Trello Board, it’s possible that the developers have already looked into it before. McCord’s reply does reassure fans that they plan to investigate it soon.

They might try fixing the “corrupted” parts of the battle royales’ maps where this problem keeps happening, as that has been their solution in the past. Since the animation is clunky, they could also try altering it along with the timer.

It’s entirely possible that Loba could receive a buff after Respawn are done tweaking her abilities. We’ll keep you posted if there are any new updates about this situation.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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