Apex Legends dev explains why they haven’t released a new Support character

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends loba and lifeline

There are only a handful of Support characters in Apex Legends compared to every other class, and now a dev has provided an explanation as to why they haven’t introduced more.

With Apex Legends now in Season 14, there are a total of 22 Legends to choose from in the roster, all with unique abilities that aid various playstyles and strategies.

The Legends and their ability kits are categorized into four separate classes, Offensive, Defensive, Recon, and Support. Combining and creating the right balance of Legends is vital to success.

There are only a few Support Legends compared to the other classes in the game, and what they can provide for a team is irreplaceable. Player have been calling for a new Support Legend after seeing Offensive, Recon, and Defensive Legends join the roster.

The most recent Legend to join, Vantage, is a Recon Legend, and the last Support Legend the game received was back in Season 5 with Loba, who recently received her Heirloom. This has left players wondering when a new Support Legend will arrive.

apex legends beast of prey lifeline skin

Luckily, Respawn’s Lead Game Designer, Devan McGuire, has provided an answer to the question, shedding light on why there are so few Support Legends, and whether a new one is in the works.

During the Apex Legends weapons and Legends AMA on Reddit, Devan McGuire responded to a question regarding Support Legends and whether there are “plans for more support Legends in the future.”

The Lead Game Designer replied with “You’ll have to wait to see what each new season holds I’m afraid, but Support Legends are one of the more difficult roles to bring to Apex.”

Loba and Lifeline are the only Support Legends in the game, and the dev goes more in-depth about why Support Legends are rare and difficult to introduce into Apex, saying that it’s hard to bring them into the roster “without over-indexing in healing and resets that make fights drag on and upset the already high TTK of the game.”

While it seems that players will have to wait before a new Support Legend is introduced in Apex, the dev does give some hope, ending the reply with “That being said, we do want to bring a more balanced roster of class roles to the table in the future at some point.”

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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