Apex Legends dev confirms fix for teammate fill not working

Hamza Khalid
Respawn issue a fix for no fill in Apex Legends

Ever since the widely-requested ‘no fill’ feature arrived in Apex Legends, players have noted a bug is keeping them from getting any teammates even when they have the option selected, so Respawn has a fix planned.

Respawn has, since the game’s launch back in 2019, Apex Legends has always emphasized playing in trios. Players have been asking for solo play in the game, but the devs reiterated that its “unhealthy” for the game.

Fortunately, the Chaos Theory update in Season 8 helped shake things up by adding a no fill option that lets you queue with a few select teammates. However, it’s not working properly, and Respawn has addressed this issue.

Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment

The no fill option was great news for Apex Legends players that wanted to play a match on their own, or with a few select teammates. However, this feature has a bug that’s keeping players from getting any teammates.

A few fans reported that the game didn’t recognize the change when they had the option selected. This left some of them permanently stuck without teammates. This bug defeats the whole purpose of the feature.

Other players have also reported facing the exact opposite problem, where having no fill selected would still give them teammates.

No fill option in Apex Legends

This issue caught the attention of the developers, who then marked it as ‘investigating’ on their public Trello board. Now, they’ve announced that there’s a fix that will be introduced later in the year.

The devs often listen to fan complaints, and issue bug fixes in new update patches. While Respawn haven’t explained when exactly we’ll see this fix arrive, it will most likely be a part of the Season 9: Legacy update on May 4.

We hope this feature will work properly in Season 9, and you’ll be able to hop into a match with the team that you want.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment