Apex Legends dev confirms “drastic meta change” is coming to shake up the roster

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends valkyrie on storm point

An Apex Legends dev has revealed that major changes are coming to shift the meta after players called for drastic adjustments.

Apex Legends has suffered a major dip in popularity over the duration of Season 13. While some of this comes down to other games rising in popularity, such as Fall Guys, many believe Apex Legends’ meta has become stagnant.

In response to this, an Apex Legends dev has spoken out about drastic meta changes, suggesting that there are major updates on the way.

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Apex Legends characters fighting

After seeing the dominance of Valkyrie, Gibraltar, and Caustic in both Ranked Leagues for Season 13 and the 2022 ALGS Championship, players are wondering whether the devs are aiming to bring meta changes to Apex Legends.

The Head of Global Social and Community for TSM FTX recently shared his opinion on the matter on Twitter, stating that they are “Desperate for a drastic meta change in Apex.”

In response to this, Senior Producer at Respawn Entertainment, Josh Medina, made it clear that the devs are indeed working on a change to the meta.

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This suggests that the devs are working on bringing changes that influence the Legend team composition meta, as the combination of Valkyrie, Gibraltar, and Caustic has become very popular in Season 13.

Having said that, Live Balance Designer John Larson recently spoke out about the issues behind adding an anti-scan Legend, stating that they don’t want to “limit options.”

This along with Josh Medina’s response to players wanting “drastic meta changes” could mean that we will see balance changes to open up the options for players, so they don’t feel as if they need to run a certain composition.

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Until these changes are announced, it’s hard to speculate what they will be, especially as nerfs have already been given to both Caustic and Valkyrie in recent seasons. Perhaps Season 14 and the new Legend will shake things up.

For now, check out the Apex Legends Mobile leak that suggests a Solos mode will be arriving on the platform before PC and Console.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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