Apex Legends community claim the game is impossible for new players to get into

Joseph Pascoulis
seer bloodhound and octane in apex legends

Apex Legends players are expressing their opinion on the game’s “skill floor,” feeling as if it is too hard for new players to get into.

Apex Legends is enjoying its fourteenth season, reaching heights in popularity with the Season 14 update and new Legend Vantage.

With all this success and popularity comes new players, who have a lot to learn. From Legend abilities, map POIs, and weapons to movement techniques, looting, and teamwork, new players have a lot of work to do to get up to speed with those who have been playing for many seasons.

Having said that, the devs do attempt to protect new players from these veterans with skillbased matchmaking and the Ranked Leagues divisions, which places players with others who are at a similar level.

Having said that, some feel that Apex Legends is still too hard for players, and Reddit user 0nly4themunny expresses why they and many others feel that the “skill floor in this game is too high.”

In the post, the players explain that Apex Legends is too difficult for new players to get into due to “smurfs, getting stacked against predators, and being sniped across the map.”

Unfortunately for the OP, every player they introduce to Apex Legends “has quit within days.” They go on to say, “what’s the point of playing if 90% of the remaining player base are sweats that can down you in a heartbeat? Even for me who has been playing for 6 months or so, I’m just hugely outclassed by literally every player.”

Clearly, both they and the players who they have tried to introduce to Apex Legends have had a tough time with the matchmaking, leading to the opinion that “Apex is s*** for new players.”

The post currently sits at around 5.3k upvotes at the time of writing this, and comments under the post seem to agree with the statement, with one saying “more so than skill floor, I think it’s a matchmaking issue. It’s horrendous,” and another commenting, “I can feel you, from about 6 of my friends, just single one is still playing with me.”

On the other hand, some do feel as if the issue is that the OP is playing with the friend, preventing matchmaking from protecting the new player as they are teaming up with an experience one:

“I INSIST that new friends trying out the game play WITHOUT me because even with smurfs those protected lobbies at the beginning 10 levels are significantly more forgiving.”

Perhaps this is something new players should keep in mind, but for now, check out the best Legends to use in Apex Legends Season 14.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment