Apex Legends bug causing players to get teams of 4 to 6 players after Genesis update

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends bug

Apex Legends players have been experiencing some odd bugs since the Genesis Collection Event update, one of which has seen teams exceed the 3 player count.

Respawn Entertainment has been hard at work trying to fix the new bugs introduced with the Genesis patch. From server issues to cheaters and hackers, the Apex Legends developers sure have their hands full.

It’s not unusual for a game of its size to experience these issues, but usually, Respawn is great at communicating with the players and keeping them up to date with fixes. However, one new bug seems to have gone under the radar.

apex legends Genesis bug

Some of the recent issues have been fixed or worked on by Respawn, with the latest issue of players being kicked from games being resolved by removing certain Banner Frames that seemed to be causing the issues.

Some Apex Legends players are now reporting that they have been put into teams of four and six, which is obviously not what is supposed to be happening as the game is for squads of three or duos.

Reddit users Brulantai and UncleAuntee have posted videos and images of the issue, with one even posting the full game.

Although this bug is obviously unfair in the grand scheme of things, the squad with four members actually dies in their first fight. Perhaps the issue is something to do with the No Fill option, as UncleAuntee states in the caption that this is what he chose before the game.

The more interesting of the two is Brulantai’s image of six players on a team, which is basically two teams put together.

A developer actually did leave a comment on this post, stating that they were looking into the issue: “We’re looking into this. Which timezone are you playing in?”

Hopefully, the developers can sort out a fix for this soon, as the No Fill option has had various issues in the past, and coming across a team of more than three players will be very frustrating.

Perhaps a Limited Time Mode is in the game’s code for a game mode with more than three players, and this is why these issues have popped up and why there are new colors for extra teammates.

Who knows, but if you’re interested in this issue or others, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on the unlimited speed boost exploit for Wraith.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Brulantai / UncleAuntee