Apex Legends 1.77 update & patch notes: Seer, Prowler, L-Star

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A new update is ready to go for players in Apex Legends Season 10. We have the complete patch notes for the 1.77 fix, and it includes changes concerning Seer and several weapons.

As with any game fresh off the heels of a new season launching, Respawn Entertainment understands that Apex Legends needs a few tweaks here and there. Season 10 is proving to be one of the battle royale’s biggest ever with many players and streamers switching to it, so it’s paramount that Respawn keep on top of it.

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A minor rejig is here in the form of the 1.77 update. It tackles a few niggles currently embedded in the game, and the patch notes and update also suggest what else players can expect to be amended going forward in Apex Legends Season 10.

Apex Legends Season 10 update & 1.77 patch notes

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Respawn Entertainment posted to their official Twitter page about the update and separate Tweets revealed the extent of the new update.

Here is what Respawn has issued for the Apex Legends 1.77 update:

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  • Fixes bugs with Seer’s abilities
  • Solves a script error that was sometimes triggered by an interaction between Fuse’s ult and Wattson’s ult
  • Reduces Prowler damage from 15 > 14
  • Reduces speed while ADSing with the L-Star
  • Fixes a map hole near Climatizer
  • Raises prices for the Prowler and L-Star in Arenas

Seer balance pass update coming to Apex Legends Season 10

apex legends seer season 10

Another interesting thing to note from these patch notes is that Respawn acknowledges the changes needed for Seer.

“A balance pass on Seer is planned for next week!” Respawn confirmed on August 10 that the promised tinkering would be coming.

It’s been well-reported that Apex Legends’ new character has come out the blocks swinging in Season 10. Currently, the most picked Legend in Season 10, Seer’s exceptional Recon abilities have made him a must-use character for many.

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However, Respawn realized that he is probably just a bit too OP at the moment, and confirmed that a nerf would be coming for Seer. This update confirms that, and we should expect a few changes to the new Legend in the coming week or so.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment