Advantageous Apex Legends leaked item could make Wattson less valuable

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends wattson

Apex Legends dataminers have found a new item that could be coming to the game very soon and its functionality seems like it could make Wattson less useful.

Apex Legends hasn’t seen many changes in terms of the meta throughout Season 12. Many of the most popular Legends in the game have remained high on the pick rate list even after Mad Maggie‘s introduction.

Despite Respawn’s attempts to rework Crypto and Wattson over the past few seasons, their pick rates remain low, and a new datamined item that could be released has the potential to make Wattson’s situation even worse.

apex legends wattson

For those that don’t know, Wattson’s Passive ability allows her to regen her shield slowly over time when not in combat. This is very useful, especially when you consider the fact that Wattson can take her teammate’s shields and regen them to save consumables.

Combined with her Ultimate ability, Wattson regens shield even quicker. However, this new item could make Wattson’s shield regen abilities much less valuable.

Apex Legends content creator and leaker Thordan Smash put a tweet out revealing the new item for Apex Legends, which is called the “Shield Capacitor.”

The tweet comes with a leaked image of the item and its description which says “Heals small amount of shields. 60s Cooldown.”

Of course, these are just leaks and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Having said that, if this item does come into the game, there’s no doubt that it will make Wattson’s abilities less appealing, as players will be able to find an item in the game that basically does the same thing as her Passive.

It may not be as effective, but it definitely intrudes on Wattson’s USP. We’ll have to wait and see what happens and whether this item will come to the game or not, as well as if Wattson will see changes upon its arrival.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment