A surprise Apex Legends update provides unusual fix for DDoS situation

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends DDoS fix

DDoSers have been running rampant recently in Apex Legends. However, a new update seems to have brought a game-changing fix for the issue.

Recently, Apex Legends has been flooded with DDoSers ruining the player experience by causing crashes which essentially allows the hackers to gain free RP in Ranked Leagues from players who are disconnected.

The developers at Respawn recently addressed this issue, confirming that there was a fix in the works, and it seems that fix is finally here.

Apex Legends DDoS

Apex Legends is an extremely competitive battle royale that can be taken very seriously by players, especially when you have the potential to compete in tournaments like the ALGS Championship, which has a huge prize pool of $2.58 million USD.

Of course, players aren’t playing with this much at stake every day. However, some do take the rank grind very seriously, as performing well in games can be vital in developing a fan base as a content creator or even attacking an esports team to sign you.

When DDoSers ruing games in Apex Legends by making people disconnect, losing all their RP to the DDoSer who most likely killed them, the game can become very frustrating.

Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment pushed an update that went live today, which features an exciting fix for the issue to benefit the victim and prevent the attacker from gaining anything.

Apex Legends DDoS fix

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As well as a recent fix for Arenas abandonment penalties, Respawn has now pushed an update to “address denial-of-service attacks.”

Respawn described the fix for the DDoS situation like so:

“Now, when we detect an attack, all players will be booted from the game and granted loss forgiveness. The idea is to deny advantages to attackers and protect victims of those attacks from RP losses.”

This now means that when you are in a game that a DDoSer attacks, every player will be disconnected and receive loss forgiveness, preventing those real players from losing any RP. This will hopefully stop DDoSers from attacking the servers as they will no longer be able to gain anything from DDoSing.

Respawn then mentioned that “in some cases, this change will cause the results from matches to be entirely voided: No stats tracked, RP gained or loss, etc.”

This could be seen as frustrating for some players, but in the long run, we think this is the best way Respawn can deal with the situation, and at least players aren’t losing any progression from DDoS attacks anymore.

You can expect even more on this situation. As Respawn also said, “more updates to deal with these sorts of attacks are on the way. We’ll keep you updated.”

That’s all for the surprise Apex Legends update. For more, stay tuned via Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on Apex Legends devs teasing Evo Shield balance changes.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment