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Apex Legends dev responds to concerns over DDoS situation

An Apex Legend dev has responded to the concerns over server DDoS attacks in Season 9: Legacy, which have been increasing recently.



apex legends ddos

Apex Legends is not immune to hackers and cheaters, but with the current DDoS situation heating up, one of the devs decided to put the concerns at ease.

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy has been no stranger to server issues, especially when it comes to the servers. Even the first day the new season went live, players could not get past the main menu.

Now, almost halfway through Season 9, there has been an abundance of complaints aimed at the Respawn devs concerning hackers and server DDoSing.

apex legends ddos

The Apex Legends developers are great at keeping the community updated and in the loop regarding updates and issues.

The developers are constantly trying to improve the player experience, which was shown recently when they introduced a heavily requested abandonment penalty in the new 3v3 mode, Arenas.

Now players are concerned over the recent DDoS issues, which has been ruining player experience when many eyes are on the game, especially with the upcoming ALGS Championship.

Respawn Entertainment’s Conor Ford is Apex Legends’ security, dealing with and banning those who break the rule by hacking and cheating.

Ford took to Twitter to put people’s minds at ease about the DDoS situation.

“The DDoS situation is being addressed as we speak by our very own @ricklesauceur. It isn’t the easiest fix in the world but huge steps are being made to take care of this. 31 abusers were shadow banned today in the meantime. We care and are just as frustrated as the players,” said Ford.

@ricklesauceur is Apex Legends’ Lead Software Engineer and is apparently in charge of dealing with the situation.

Although we don’t know much about what exactly Respawn is doing to help the situation, it’s still good to know that they are addressing it and working on a fix. However, as Conor stated on Twitter, this will not be an easy fix.

That’s all on Apex Legends’ current DDoS situation. For more, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on a recently found monitor bug that gives players wall hacks.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment