Activision says they have ‘full confidence’ in Treyarch

Keshav Bhat

During Activision Blizzard’s First Quarter 2018 Results call, the company talked about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Treyarch after an investor asked a question about it.

Activision President and Chief Operating Officer, Coddy Johnson, said “Black Ops 4 is going to be an awesome game…giving the community really just an incredible experience across gameplay features and modes.”

Johnson spoke at length about the strength of the Black Ops sub franchise, noting that it is in the best selling and most played sub franchise in Call of Duty, with over 200 million players and 15 billion hours of gameplay recorded in the series to date. And, players are still engaged in Black Ops games to this day.

“First it’s just Black Ops…it’s the most played Call of Duty sub-franchise to date. And that’s say something, you know, in a franchise like Call of Duty that’s had the success it’s had. The Black Ops, three iterations so far, over eight years, has drawn in 200 million players and billions and billions of hours of gameplay. And by the way, that’s still on going, as we speak, there’s still millions of people playing in the Black Ops franchise right now.”

He also touched on the fact that Activision has full confidence in Treyarch and their proven record of delivering innovations and responding to community requests in their games.

“And it kinda leads to the second advantage which is what we see from those billions of hours of gameplay, where we get to see in depth and in real time what really engages our players. Black Ops 4 builds on all that, and on everything Treyarch has learned about what players love to play. So that’s kinda this third main area is the confidence we have in Treyarch and their ability to execute on their creative vision. It’s an incredible developer, with a deep understanding of the community and the first-person genre. But also, a real proven track record of innovation, including Zombies and multiple multiplayer innovations that have really transformed the industry.”

Lastly, Johnson also made a note of the fact that the team is investing new resources and design talent on ensuring they deliver a great game for the PC community, alongside new development features that are going to be rolled out soon.

“And it’s kinda the most important last point, which is that this is not just a game that is going to build on our strengths. It will continue to push the envelope in innovation. You’ll see that in the core game itself, where we have a number of new exciting developments to roll out very soon, but also, in the game’s appeal on growth platforms like PC, where we’ve invested significant dedicated resources and design talent to make sure that we can deliver a great PC game to serve that community. So, very soon…May 17. We’ll have a lot more to say at the Black Ops 4 Global Reveal, and I hope you tune in…you should.”

May 17 is almost here. Stay tuned for the latest Black Ops 4 news!