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YouTuber JGOD discovers secret Warzone weapon balancing changes

YouTuber JGOD has discovered that Black Ops Cold War’s FFAR and XM4 have undergone secret changes over the course of Warzone Season 1.



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YouTuber JGOD has discovered a series of secret buffs and nerfs to Black Ops Cold War’s FFAR and XM4 in Warzone Season 1.

If certain weapons in Warzone have felt different to you over the past few weeks, YouTuber JGOD has revealed how there are “probably a lot of fishy changes happening without us knowing.”

JGOD is known for getting down to the nitty-gritty stats with Warzone’s weapons and has found out that weapons and their attachments have been secretly changed over the course of Season 1.

Compiling his data with fellow YouTuber TrueGameData, JGOD has discovered that certain barrels on the FFAR have been buffed, and the XM4 has also been majorly buffed without its attachments being touched.

The FFAR has been considered one of Warzone’s strongest weapons in Season 1, and changes to its attachments have only made it better. In December, the Ranger barrel increased bullet velocity by 57% but now it increases it by almost 90%.

There’s no way of knowing when this change occurred, but it was sometime between the start of Season 1 and January 16.

The XM4 also received a buff without players’ knowledge. According to JGOD’s data, on January 16, the XM4 had an extremely low bullet velocity compared to the other Assault Rifles. JGOD tested the weapon again on February 6 and discovered that its bullet velocity had been buffed to be in-line with the rest of the ARs.

While the XM4 was almost unusable before its stealth buff, it will now be a decent sniper accompaniment. However, you should avoid putting a barrel on it.

Also discovered by JGOD, certain attachments haven’t been performing as they should, with barrels designed to improve bullet velocity having the opposite effect.

JGOD believes that these won’t be the only weapons that have seen hidden changes, and will be tracking all of his findings on a Google spreadsheet.

Raven Software have confirmed a fix is in the works for attachments not performing correctly, but there is no word on how these significant changes have slipped through the cracks.

Image Credit: Activision