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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players furious after “pay-to-win” Sniper Rifle blueprint discovered

Another “pay-to-win” weapon has been found in Warzone, an HDR Sniper Rifle Blueprint with unfair benefits that is leaving players furious.



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Yet another “pay-to-win” Blueprint has been discovered in Warzone, with Call of Duty players are furious about the Oceanographer skin for the HDR Sniper Rifle.

Blueprints that provide an unfair helping hand in Warzone are starting to become a regular theme. The last few weeks have seen a variety of different Blueprints that provide unique benefits that can’t otherwise be gained without paying real money.

Cold War Blueprints really kickstarted the trend with the MAC-10 Gallantry skin becoming the first skin to go under the microscope. Since then, we’ve seen the Roze skin provide players with convincing camouflage in Warzone, and the Forest Spirit GRINCH Skin, although not a weapon, enables players to become invisible at certain distances.

the oceanographer blueprint in Warzone

The aspect that makes this Blueprint so unique is not because of any major stats being increased, but more a visual advantage.

A comparison has been drawn up showing the difference between a regular HDR scope, and the Oceanographer variant that comes with the Blueprint.

With the regular version of the weapon, players get a traditional view of their surroundings with everything around the scope blacked out, giving all focus to where you’re looking at. Whereas the paid scope not only gives players the same clear view of their surroundings, but you can also see everything outside of the scope too.

By increasing the player’s peripheral vision, this gives players a huge advantage and allows them to spot enemies that they may not have otherwise seen.

The difference between the two scopes is astounding, and the unfair advantage provided by the Oceanographer has drawn criticism from players in the official Warzone subreddit.

One person in the post’s comments said, “I know it’s not as broken as the MAC-10 with increased base stats like we had some weeks ago, but I still find it unfair that people who shopped the HDR in the store have a better weapon (with peripheral vision) than others that don’t want to spend money on it.”

Another person also added, “IMO, this is similar to different blueprints having better iron sights. Peripheral vision doesn’t make it hitscan or even guarantee that you’re going to play better. Sometimes it’s posts like this or YouTube videos that bring more knowledge about it and soon you’ll see everyone carrying the Oceanographer.”

Bringing awareness to this kind of issue could increase the likelihood of people using it, but it also shows the disruption in the community it’s causing. Given how frequent the “pay-to-win” argument is becoming, Treyarch may review the scope and remove its peripheral advantage.

Image credits: Activision