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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone Attack Helicopters return for third time with Pacific Caldera update

Attack Helicopters have returned to Warzone for the third time, after previously being removed for causing invisibility glitches.



Attack Helicopter flying over Verdansk

Warzone’s controversial Attack Helicopters have returned for the third time, included as part of the Pacific Caldera Season 1 update for the battle royale.

Warzone Season 1 is full of huge changes, including a brand-new map and new weapons thanks to the Vanguard integration.

While there are plenty of big announcements, one change has flown under the radar. One of Warzone’s most controversial vehicles is back, as the Attack Helicopter has been reintroduced for the third time.

Attack Helicopter in Warzone

The Attack Helicopter was one of the most dangerous vehicles in Warzone. Not only did it allow players to travel quickly around Verdansk, but the machine guns attached to either side made it extremely deadly.

Unfortunately, the Attack Helicopter has caused a number of issues in Warzone. Raven Software have been forced to remove it twice, as it was used to create glitches where players could turn invisible.

While it was announced in patch notes, content creators have confirmed that Attack Helicopters are back in Plunder. “They have the attack helicopter in Plunder,” YouTuber JGOD confirmed on the ModernWarzone Podcast. “Hopefully third time’s the charm!”

“Can we just give up on that? We’ve had three invisibility glitches, throw it out! I don’t see one person complaining [that they’re not in Warzone].”

Attack Helicopter in Warzone

For now, Attack Helicopters are only available in Plunder. That means if you can’t stand these vehicles, you can just avoid that playlist and stick to core modes. Whether they will be introduced to Battle Royale in the future remains unknown.

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Image Credit: Raven Software