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Call of Duty: Vanguard

New Vanguard & Warzone Season 1 Operators give players special XP boost

Players can expect to receive special weapon XP bonuses when using the new Season 1 Operators in Vanguard and Warzone.



Operator Francis Season 1

Coinciding with a new mechanic introduced in Vanguard, Season 1’s new operators will give players a unique XP boost in both Vanguard and Warzone Pacific.

Since Vanguard’s release, players have gotten the chance to become familiar with all of the Operators in the game. Regardless of which Operator is your personal favorite, each brings something unique to the table.

Vanguard players discovered that each Operator had a favorite weapon that would result in earning additional XP when both are in use. Vanguard players will be happy to hear that the new Operators introduced in Season 1 also have favorite weapons.

Operators Francis & Lewis

Operator Lewis Season 1

The favorite weapon bonus feature was a fantastic new introduction to the Call of Duty series. So far, it has been well-received by players. As the STG44 cemented itself as a must-use weapon, players gravitated toward Operator Roland in order to level up the Assault Rifle at a faster pace.

As of now, we know that two of the new Operators coming in Season 1 will also have their own favorite weapons. Vanguard and Warzone Pacific players will get to play as Francis “Kai” Lanakila and Lewis Howard.

Francis’ favorite weapon is the Cooper Carbine while Lewis’ favorite weapon is the Gorenko Sniper Rifle.

These two weapons are two of the five new weapons available in the Season 1 Vanguard and Warzone Pacific update. This is great news for players looking to quickly level up these new inclusions.

It’s safe to say that the third new Operator may also have a favorite weapon set to appear in Season 1. Players can also expect a ton of new skins for their favorite Operators arriving in the first season of Vanguard.

One of these skins has caused quite a storm already. Players have pointed out that one of the new skins is eerily similar to Warzone’s infamous Roze skin.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games