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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2 player uses “pay to win” skin for flawless DMZ ambush

One Warzone 2 player has found a clever tactic for ambushing enemies with the use of a “pay-to-win” Operator skin in DMZ.



Warzone 2 operator

Warzone 2 players are always trying out different tactics to win battles, and one player used a “pay-to-win” Operator skin to set up an ambush for their opponents in the DMZ mode.

When Warzone 2 Season 1 first went live, Call of Duty players were treated to a ton of fun content with the arrival of the Escape from Tarkov-inspired DMZ mode that focuses on extraction.

This mode features different vehicles to drive and extremely powerful AI enemies that will test your skills. Using the right tactics can help you come out on top in DMZ, and one Warzone 2 player has revealed a way to ambush enemies easily.

User ‘ON1C’ shared a TikTok of their Warzone 2 DMZ gameplay in which they had the Ghillie Suit Operator skin equipped. They were lying in a prone position on the ground next to the Exfil location when a full team suddenly appeared.

They failed to notice the player despite him being right next to them and began moving toward the chopper. Once they boarded, ON1C climbed onto the turret of their vehicle and began using it to start picking them off quickly.

The player was able to set the perfect ambush and take out his enemies in one fell swoop just when they thought they were about to be safely extracted. He credited the success of this tactic to the Ghillie Suit.

Unfortunately, these suits can only be acquired by purchasing them, whether in a bundle or through promotions, so they’re not readily available to everyone. They’re part of the Overgrown, Overgrown 2, VII: Sloth, and Raid bundles.

Since these can’t be accessed by everyone, the TikTok user described the suits as “pay-to-win.” Many of the commenters were amused by what happened, with one user jokingly stating: “their vision is based on movement.”

Another player congratulated the ON1C on this tactic by commenting: “Ghillie is awesome. However, there are a lot of clueless players in DMZ. Either way, great clip!”

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Image credits: Activision