What does XD mean in Roblox?

Aakrit Sharma
XD with laughing emoji on a Roblox background

Chatting with your Roblox friends is a unique experience because the massive community has developed its own lingo. If you’re new and want to know what XD means in Roblox, we’ve got the right answers for you.

With over 200 million monthly active users, Roblox boasts one of the biggest gaming communities in the world. It offers millions of games that anyone can access for free and despite the graphics limitations, Roblox developers have never failed to surprise with brilliant storylines and concepts.

When such a tremendous amount of players interact regularly, it is common for certain terms to become prevalent among them. The Minecraft and GTA RP communities have been using their own slang for years, and the Roblox player base has tread the same path.

On that note, here’s everything you need to know about XD on Roblox.

Meaning of XD on Roblox

XD is a laughing face emoticon used by Roblox players to express happiness or laughter. If you ever assumed that XD is an acronym, look at it sideways and you’ll understand its actual meaning.

Comparison between Roblox's XD emoticon and a laughing emoji

The X in XD represents a person’s closed eyes while laughing and the D is simply a smiling/laughing mouth. Its popularity has grown significantly in the past few years and is now commonly used as a replacement for acronyms like LOL, ROFL, LMAO, and others.

It seems like XD has become so common in pop culture that many people use it in funny situations without knowing its true meaning. Variations of this emoticon such as xD and xd have also become common even when they alter the original definition.

All in all, there are countless situations where you can use XD on Roblox. For instance, your friend makes a very foolish mistake during a boss fight in Last Pirates. Or, a classmate creates a hilarious scene during a class in The Presentation Experience. Even when discussing things apart from Roblox games, you should not shy away from using XD to express laughter.

Having said that, avoid using XD during serious discussions as you might end up offending someone.

This was everything to know about the meaning of XD on Roblox. For similar content, you can check out the meanings of BSF and BTC.

Image Credits: Roblox