What does AFK mean in Roblox?

Rishabh Sabarwal
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Playing Roblox can be exhausting for players after they are done either creating their own worlds or grinding mini-games. In this case, players tend to go AFK for a while, so here’s what it means in Roblox.

Roblox is a huge game creation system where players are free to explore the in-game tools and make interesting creations of their own. The vast library of mini-games and worlds keep the player base occupied for hours on the game.

However, grinding a game for hours may be tiresome and exhausting. For players who play with their friends in a squad, it is common courtesy to let them know if you are active in the game or taking five.

Communicating an AFK message to your squadmates is a healthy practice that can let them know about your absence and cover for it. Here’s what AFK is in Roblox.

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What does AFK mean in Roblox?

AFK is an abbreviation that is used as a slang term in gaming, which stands for “Away From Keyboard.” It essentially means the same thing in the case of Roblox. If a player is in a squad and playing a game, they need to relay an AFK message to their squad mates via a text or voice.

The term itself means that the player is not at the keyboard and all the communications or messages might be missed by one who drops the AFK message. Subsequently, the squadmates are in the know that they shouldn’t expect a response from the corresponding player.

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How to get rewarded for being AFK in Roblox

Being AFK in Roblox has its own pros and cons that the player-base could discover. When a player is AFK for more than 10 minutes in a game, it automatically kicks them out of it as the player gets deemed inactive.

This is why it is highly recommended for players to stay AFK for as long as 5 minutes. If the inactivity continues longer than that, they need to inform their squadmates to keep the game going in their absence.

However, being AFK has its own perks in Roblox. Players can now get free gems and gold every time they watch an anime in the Anime Dimensions AFK Gym. All it takes to get the rewards is for players to be AFK in the gym for 5 minutes.

As the term, AFK is not just limited to Roblox but several other multiplayer games like Warzone and Fortnite, every player-base has its own style of using it.

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