Toilet Battle Simulator codes for free Potions & Pets in May 2024

Udit Surve
A character getting flushed by another character in Roblox Skibi Battle Simulator.

You can boost your progress in Toilet Battle Simulator by redeeming codes that hand out free Potions and Pets, and here are all the codes working in May 2024.

Roblox games like Attack on Titan Evolution, Anime Punching Simulator, Adopt Me, Race Clicker, and Toilet Battle Simulator boast unique themes but redeemable codes make for a common feature among them.

In a competitive title like Toilet Battle Simulator, you’d want to get as many resources as possible but it requires you to grind hard. To get them for absolutely free though, check out these codes handing out Potions, Pets, and a lot more in May 2024.

Screengrab of a player fighting Boku in Roblox Skibi Battle Simulator.
Roblox Toilet Battle Simulator has over 7 million visits on the platform.

Working Toilet Battle Simulator codes in May 2024

The following Roblox Toilet Battle Simulator codes can be redeemed in May 2024:

  • discord1 – Win Potion
  • code492 – Win Potion
  • ytmegacode6 – Boku Pet
  • code900 – Win Potion

Expired Roblox Toilet Battle Simulator codes in May 2024

This Roblox Toilet Battle Simulator code has expired as of May 2024:


Roblox codes expire after a short period of time as the developers add new ones. So, make sure to bookmark this page and check back often since we will be updating this guide regularly as new codes are released.

How to redeem Toilet Battle Simulator codes on Roblox

Players can redeem Roblox Toilet Battle Simulator codes by clicking the Youtube or Twitter Codes button located on the right side of the screen. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Launch Toilet Battle Simulator on Roblox and click on the codes button located on the right side of the screen.
  2. There are two different buttons for redeeming YouTube and Twitter codes. Make sure to select the right one.
  3. Click on any one of the buttons and a textbox will appear. Get a working code from the list above and paste it into the textbox.
  4. Finally, hit Verify and the rewards will be instantly added to your account.

What are Roblox Toilet Battle Simulator codes?

Roblox Toilet Battle Simulator codes are redeemable codes released by the developers that you can use to get free items such as Win Potions and Pets. Because redeeming codes is a relatively quick process, you save a ton of time and effort through this.

That’s all about Roblox Toilet Battle Simulator codes in May 2024. For more Roblox codes, have a look at:

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