Eating Simulator codes (June 2024)

Udit Surve
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Redeeming these Eating Simulator codes on Roblox can help you get ahead of the competition and obtain free Coins, Food, and Pets in June 2024.

Eating Simulator is among the many popular simulator games in Roblox and is often mentioned amongst the likes of Mega Noob Simulator and Hoop Simulator.

If you want to ease the grind and see your name on the leaderboards, redeem these latest Eating Simulator codes in June 2024.

Roblox Eating Simulator thumbnail
To earn money in Eating Simulator, you have to eat and then sell girth for coins.

All working Roblox Eating Simulator codes in June 2024

Here’s a list of all the working codes on Roblox as of June 2024:

  • SUMMERUPDATE – Food and Coins
  • GINGERBREAD675K – 57,000 Coins and 56,000 Food
  • CHRISTMAS625K – 56,000 Coins and 55,000 Food
  • HALFWAY500K – 52,000 Coins, and 51,000 Food
  • GG475K – 51,000 Coins, and 50,000 Food
  • INSANEPET450K – 49,000 Food, 50,000 Coins, and Insane Pet
  • MILESTONE600K – 55,000 Coins and 54,000 Food
  • SECRETCODE575K – 54,000 Coins and 53,000 Food
  • PETREWARD530K – 53,000 Coins, 52,000 Food, and a Great Demon Lord Pet
  • GODLYPET400K – 45,000 Food, 46,000 Coins, and Lightning Destroyer Pet
  • FREE375K – 44,000 Food and 45,000 Coins
  • GETBIGTODAY350K – 42,000 Food and 43,000 Coins
  • EAT320K – 40,000 Food and 41,500 Coins
  • THANKSSOMUCH300K – 38,000 Food and 40,000 Coins
  • VERYCLOSE290K – 31,000 Food and 36,000 Coins
  • SOMEFOOD280K – 29,000 Food and 34,000 Coins
  • SOMECOINS270K – 28,000 Food and 33,000 Coins
  • LIVEEVENT260K – 27,000 Food and 31,500 Coins
  • BIGMILESTONE250K – 25,500 Food and 30,000 Coins
  • OPCODE240K – 24,000 Food and 27,500 Coins
  • GETFATNOW230K – 23,500 Food and 26,000 Coins
  • COINSBOOST220K – Food and Coins
  • FATBOOST210K – Food and Coins
  • FREEPET200K – a Mythic Pet, Food, and Coins
  • ALMOSTTHERE190K – Food and Coins
  • BIGFAT180K – Food and Coins
  • FAT170K – Food and Coins
  • BUGFIXES140K – Food and Coins
  • BIGTHANKS130K – Food and Coins
  • EXTRAORDINARY120K – Food and Coins
  • REALLYCOOL110K – Food and Coins
  • BECOMEHUGE100K – Food and Coins
  • REALLYHYPE90K – 5,500 Coins and 4,300 Food
  • FATNECK80K – Food and Coins
  • BIGBELLY70K – Food and Coins
  • CRAZY50K – 2,100 Food and 3,000 Coins
  • THANKS20K – 900 Food and Free Coins
  • RELEASE – 100 Food

All expired Roblox Eating Simulator codes in June 2024

As of June 2024, there are no inactive or expired Roblox Eating Simulator codes.

We update this article every time there’s a new code or the current ones expire, so bookmark this page and check back regularly.

How to redeem Eating Simulator codes on Roblox

You can redeem codes by pressing the Twitter icon on your screen. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game and press the Twitter button on the right side of the screen.
  2. A new window will appear where you can enter the code into the text box.
  3. Press Confirm to receive your free reward.

What are Eating Simulator codes?

Eating Simulator codes are redeemable codes that you can use to get free Food, Coins, and Pets. This makes the grind much easier and allows you to progress faster.

How to get more Eating Simulator codes

To get more codes, you can join the game’s Roblox group, check out the developers’ official X account, or subscribe to their YouTube channel. Alternatively, we recommend bookmarking this page as it’ll be updated frequently with the latest codes.

Why are my Eating Simulator codes not working?

A common reason for codes not working can be that they’ve expired or you’re typing them incorrectly. In addition, these codes can contain special characters and numbers and are case-sensitive, so make sure you copy and paste your codes.

Roblox experiences such as War Age Tycoon, Fire Force Online, Popping Simulator codes, and Toilet Tower Defense also let you redeem codes for free rewards.

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