How to complete Resident Evil 4 Remake A Savage Mutt Request

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leon fighting the savage mutt in resident evil 4 remake

For those trying to complete the Resident Evil 4 Remake Merchant Request “A Savage Mutt,” here’s how to do so.

There are many tasks to complete in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, as not only will players be getting through the main story, but they’ll also be completing the Merchant‘s Requests for Spinels, but some of these side missions can be pretty challenging.

While some require you to be more observant, like trying to find and destroy Blue Medallions, others are straight up, like the A Savage Mutt Request.

For this Request in the RE4 Remake, players are tasked with finding and getting rid of a “wild dog that’s been roaming around the village.” Here’s how you can find this strong threat, defeat it, and also how to prevent failing the Request.

The Savage Mutt Request in the RE4 Remake is no easy boss battle.

How to find & complete Resident Evil 4 Remake A Savage Mutt Request

In order to complete this RE4 Request, first of all, you must make sure you do it before you head to the Villa after rescuing Ashley. After this, there is a cut-off point which means you can no longer return to the Village.

Then, simply follow these steps to complete the Request:

  • Collect the Request from the blue notice near the Merchant at the Town Hall after saving Ashley from the Church.
  • Head towards the Village Chief’s Mansion.
  • Once in the Village Chief’s Mansion area, enter the building and go up to the second floor.
  • Use Ashley’s help to get into the attic and collect the loot.
  • Head back down and out of the building, and you will find the Savage Mutt waiting at the gate.
  • Follow the Savage Mutt to the Village Square.
  • Fight the crazed dog here, defeat it, and you will have completed the Request.

You’re going to want to make sure you have plenty of supplies and ammo for this fight against the infected dog, as it can be quite difficult to put down.

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