Pokemon Go players slam “ridiculous” Field Research challenge

Joaquín Frere
Pokemon Go Field Research in phone.

Pokemon Go is a game where sometimes skill is needed to get the best results out of a catch. Now, players seem to be enraged over a Field Research objective that asks for too much.

The Pokemon Go catching method is one of the most unique features of the mobile game. Players have been honing their skills over the years to get the best results and bonuses out of each catch.

From auto-catch workarounds to Excellent Throws in every Pokemon spawn during a Community Day, this fine art is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some Field Research in Pokemon Go will ask players for their best skills when catching Pokemon, and some trainers are not happy about it.

The weekly Field Research tasks in Pokemon Go give players daily challenges to complete, and Reddit user ‘Withywood’ was enraged over one of its objectives. Taking their complaints to Reddit, the user was not happy about the “Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row.”

Excellent Throw is a skill check where players throw the Pokeball exactly when the circle closes in the Pokemon. “Excuse me?! This challenge is ridiculous,” said the OP. The Pokemon subreddit quickly replied by helping them with some tips: “Just pick the right Pokemon,” added a user.

The Pokemon Go community seems to pinpoint this as a “Skill issue,” contrary to the “ridiculous” comment made by the OP. “Legendary encounter is the easiest way,” added user ‘9DAN2’.

Other non-Legendary Pokemon are pointed out inside the post as easy targets for an Excellent Throw. “Give me 3 Lechonks and I’ll give you 3 excellent throws,” a user joked. “A high CP mon with a big hitbox,” recommended another user.

If you are taking on weekly Field Research in Pokemon Go and start catching rare creatures, you might need to know how to get Sinnoh Stones, or how a Pokemon Go player found the second-rarest wild spawn in the game.

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