Lucky Pokemon Go player gets “one of a kind” trade from world’s best trainer

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Brandon Tan is widely regarded as the world’s best Pokemon Go trainer as he holds the highest XP record. Now, the community can’t stop talking about a player’s “super cool” interaction with the man himself who traded them his signature Pokemon.

Meeting a well-known figure is a dream for many, including the Pokemon Go community. The popular mobile game has many renowned players but arguably the most recognized of them all is Brandon Tan, globally known as the world’s top Pokemon Go trainer.

With over four billion XP and counting, this worldwide sensation who loves to collect Pokemon is a much sought-after person in events, and naturally, everyone looks forward to chatting with him.

So when a fan not only met Brandon Tan but also had a unique trade with him, people couldn’t stop gushing about the experience.

A Reddit user named ‘PrestyRS’ shared a screengrab from Pokemon Go that showed a Pidgey obtained from a trade with Brandon Tan, captioning the post with: “Today the world’s best Pokemon Go player gave me a Pidgey.”

For those unaware, Pidgey is a name synonymous with Brandon Tan as the top trainer keeps it as his Buddy throughout his Pokemon Go adventures.

Users had a lot of encouraging comments to add, with them lauding the OP’s interaction as “super cool” and “awesome.”

A fan wrote: “Congratulations!! It’s cool that you got a trade and a pic,” before another added: “Bro got the rarest Pidgey in the game.” The comments about Pidgey didn’t stop as a player mentioned: “This is pretty neat to have an actual one of a kind trade with someone you admire a hobby/game.”

Elaborating on Brandon Tan’s achievements, a person explained: “This guy has like every shiny and multiple lvl50 Armored Mewtwo, something not many players can say they have. He’s got thousands of Pokemon.”

When one Pokemon Go trainer asked if Brandon Tan asks for anything specific in a trade, a user replied: “Bro never asks for anything crazy. He will actually give away crazy limited Pokemon for nothing similar. He will also go to events and not even play and spend the entire time taking photos and trading with fans.”

The OP undoubtedly had an amazing meet with Brandon Tan alongside a trade to be proud of, something they are likely to remember for a long time.

If Pidgey is not your Buddy, you can have a look at the rarest and strongest species in Pokemon Go to take your pick.

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