Hilarious Pokemon Scarlet and Violet glitch turns characters into Titans from Attack on Titan

Andrew Highton
pikachus with colossal titan in pokemon scarlet and violet

A viral Pokemon Scarlet & Violet glitch has left players baffled by an unbelievable bug that essentially turns characters into Titans from the well-known Attack on Titan anime.

The performance issues that have plagued Pokemon Scarlet & Violet at launch are well documented at this point with the game, docked or handheld, suffering constant framerate drops, slowdown, broken textures, horrendous pop-in, and a lot more.

Social media has been flooded with clips and GIFs from players sharing their experience with Scarlet & Violet, and one, in particular, has gone majorly viral.

Sharing more in common with the Attack on Titan anime than it does Game Freak’s newest Pokemon game, the insane glitch shows one player’s character become very warped.

If the Attack on Titan universe has managed to escape your attention, then it quite simply revolves around a world in which humans are fighting overgrown human-like monsters known as Titans, creatures that vary in size and stature and enjoy feasting on humans.

More than anything, Titans are distinguishable through their warped faces, and one Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Twitter user revealed how their character embraced the height and face concept to a tee.


In their video, one player was switching to their Koraidon mount and disembarking them several times and it went as you’d normally expect. However, the other user tried the same thing, and whilst they were able to mount their Miraidon, the player’s avatar had drastically changed.

For some reason, the in-game character was now about 10x the size they were, and their player’s face became a horrible contorted mess with their eyes becoming much bigger and resembling a horrifying cartoon.

We’d say that it looked more like one of the Abnormal Titans from Attack on Titan than an innocent Pokemon Scarlet & Violet protagonist.

More weird and wonderful Pokemon Scarlet & Violet glitches seem to be occurring all the time, so this may not be the end of viral Scarlet & Violet bugs.

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Image Credit: Game Freak

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