At what level does Magikarp evolve in Pokemon? Evolution guide for Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Magikarp with Gyarados and Shiny Gyarados

Magikarp is one of the most despised Pokemon ever but evolving it helps players in obtaining the ferocious Gyarados. Here’s a guide on how to evolve Magikarp in Pokemon games such as Sword and Shield, Legends: Arceus, and others.

Magikarp has always been a fascinating creature for the Pokemon community. It is often called the weakest and most useless Pokemon ever but players still invest their resources into it because of its evolution, Gyarados.

Gyarados is a fan-favorite Pokemon that belongs to Water and Dragon types. It is quite dominant in combat and has been a part of the anime series and games for decades.

If you don’t know what to do about the useless Magikarp in your collection, here’s how you can evolve them into Gyarados.

 A giant Magikarp

At what level does Magikarp turn into Gyarados in Pokemon games?

Magikarp evolves into Gyarados at Lv. 20 in several Pokemon games. This includes Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Ruby and Sapphire, and others.

In regions such as Galar and Sinnoh, you should be able to find a Magikarp that is already above Lv. 20 during exploration. If not, you can add the Pokemon to the party and let it gain experience with items such as EXP Share.

Pokemon Go is a popular exception to this rule as the mobile game doesn’t require players to level up Pokemon. Instead, they have to collect 400 Magikarp candy to get Gyarados.

How to evolve Magikarp in Pokemon games

To evolve Magikarp in major Pokemon games like Legends: Arceus and Sword and Shield, you simply need to level up the fish to Lv. 20. Thereafter, use the Pokemon in a battle or go to the collection to initiate the process manually.

Here’s a list of different Pokemon games and how you can evolve Magikarp in them:

  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Level up Magikarp till Lv. 20 and evolve manually.
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield – Level up Magikarp till Lv. 20 and evolve
  • Pokemon Go– Collect 400 Magikarp candy.
  • Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – Level up Magikarp till Lv. 20 and evolve.

Luckily, you won’t require special items like stones to evolve Magikarp in Pokemon games.

water pokemon shiny gyarados in the anime

Where to find Magikarp in Pokemon games

Finding a Magikarp in Pokemon games is fairly easy as it mostly spawns around water sources such as lakes and rivers. You can use fishing rods in games like Magikarp Jump and Pokeballs in other titles such as Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Go.

Locations of Magikarp in major titles:

  • Pokemon Go – Random spawn chance near water bodies.
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Obsidian Falls, Lake Verity, Fabled Spring.
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield South Lake Miloch.

This was everything to know about catching and evolving Magikarp in Pokemon games. For similar content, check out how to get Hoopa in Pokemon Go, how to earn BP in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the best Eevee evolutions in Pokemon Go.

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