CI Podcast #12: Can Cold War save Warzone? FaZe Blaze Interview

Ava Thompson Powell
FaZe Blaze Charlie Intel Interview

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With a new ‘Dropkick’ mode leaked for Black Ops Cold War, alongside game system issues, there’s a lot to discuss.

Mike & Keshav welcome FaZe Blaze & Frozone to Episode #12 of the CharlieIntel Podcast. In this week’s episode, we discuss the new ‘Dropkick’ mode that was leaked for Black Ops Cold War, weapon XP issues, the future of Warzone, and whether Activision are doing enough to take down hackers posting clips on TikTok.

FaZe Blaze joins the show to reveal how Warzone has changed his life, what changes he would make to the mode, and why he’s taking a break from Zombies after his world record run, while Frozone shares his top tips to help you become a high-kill Warzone pro like him.

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With hacking almost becoming a meme on the internet, hackers are absolutely rife in online game modes, especially when PC is concerned. Thanks to TikTok, people all over the world are seeing just how impossible these players are making the game for others. From invincibility, shooting through walls and over great distances, they’re killing others without a chance for them to even think. It’s an issue that Treyarch still needs to seriously address.

Many players always say that when they die in games over a bruised ego it’s ‘due to hackers’, but there are so many out there that isn’t an entirely impossible situation. While Mike and Keshav both play on PlayStation, it’s still frequently occurring.

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From discussing the public’s new obsession with discussing FaZe Blaze’s facial hair, through to his initial falling out of love with the CoD franchise, he informs us all of what it was that eventually made him return to Call of Duty.

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