CI Podcast #11: Better than Karma & FormaL? Aydan reacts to Dr Disrespect praise

Ava Thompson Powell

It’s vital to know your stuff in CoD, and streamers are the very best at using their toolset to their benefit.

Mike & Keshav welcome Aydan to Episode #11 of the CharlieIntel podcast. During this week’s episode, we discuss the latest Black Ops Cold War patch, competitive settings, CDL MVP Shotzzy’s movement tricks, and Aydan’s Warzone expertise.

Aydan joins us to discuss his Warzone world record, history in CoD and battle royale, and, of course, his reaction to being called the “greatest controller player of all time” by Dr Disrespect.

With a weapon-based patch dropping, this was an incredibly necessary update to the game as it stood. The MP5 was insanely overpowered, providing little reason to utilize another loadout. One week later after release, Treyarch delivered the goods in a bid to fix these game-breaking issues.

Players have already begun to readdress their feelings on the game with this update, with Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, and more all receiving tweaks to play.

Cold War’s competitive settings are also a huge talking point, with changes being made even upon their initial release. Competitive and esports players all wait for these, as it changes how they approach their matches greatly. With a Semtext ban creating a buzz in the community — as it’s never been banned thus far in the franchise — Activision eventually made it clear that this was a mistake.

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