CI Podcast #10 Cold War’s MOST OVERPOWERED Weapon & Vikkstar123 Interview

Ava Thompson Powell

Black Ops Cold War has a whole slew of fantastic weapons to utilize in play. But, what’s the most overpowered of the meta?

Mike & Keshav welcome Vikkstar123 to Episode #10 of the CharlieIntel Podcast. During this week’s episode, we discuss the opening week of Black Ops: Cold War, covering everything from the game’s weapon balancing to a record-breaking opening day for Activision and Treyarch.

Vikkstar chats to us about finding his niche within the realm of content creation, alongside the news that he recently became the new co-owner of the Call of Duty League’s London Royal Ravens.

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Off the back of the Cold War launch, there’s a whole range of playstyles and weapons to try. With mixed reviews on the whole, though, is the overpowered MP5 adding fuel to the fire? This has the ability to further dampen the experience of players hopping in to the game.

With the highest digital day 1 sales in the whole of the franchise’s history, there’s a lot riding on gunplay and the meta not being too restrictive.

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The Green Wall is also returning to CoD with the new iteration, with Mike and Keshav commenting on what this means for the game and its current state.

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