Overwatch 2 players slam “predatory” skin prices

Andrew Highton
widowmaker skin in overwatch2

Overwatch 2’s skins are causing some real unrest in the game’s community as players are bemoaning the price of the game’s “predatory” cosmetics.

Changing Overwatch 2 to a free-to-play format over the original’s paid form was always going to come with some positives and negatives.

In order to maintain a sustainable business model, making the game free meant that Blizzard would have to implement paid cosmetic content to be able to provide future updates for the game’s fanbase.

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Overwatch 2 fans feel that the company have gone overboard though, and are calling them “a fully predatory corporation now” in response to the money being charged for cosmetic items.

Are Overwatch 2 skins too expensive?

“You wanna tell me this is worth €50 Blizzard?” a clearly irked Overwatch Reddit user asked, along with an emoji of a clown.

Their post on the official subreddit was accompanied by a picture of Mercy’s Hexe outfit – a special Halloween skin from the first Overwatch – and showed that the skins cost 2400 Overwatch Coins, the game’s premium currency, instead of its usual price tag of 5700.

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For reference, the Overwatch 2 shop on Battle.net shows that you can actually pay for the exact amount of 5700 Overwatch coins and it’ll cost you $49.99.

What’s worse is that players revealed that not only is this an old skin, but one player said: “I got that for free out of a loot box I got for playing 1 game on Tank in OW1. Blizzard is such a joke.”

Currently, players can earn 60 Overwatch Coins per week, and one player calculated that to buy this skin at full price it would take players 95 weeks to buy it.

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In response to the skin price and cosmetics in general in Overwatch 2, another Reddit user had this to say: “It’s weird, I actually feel kinda bad wearing one of my legendary skins because it might entice one of the new players to buy something. Blizz is a fully predatory corporation now.”

Needless to say, there has been a significant backlash to the prices being charged for cosmetics – particularly older ones. We’ll have to see if Blizzard continues with this approach moving forward and if people keep buying them.

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Image Credit: Blizzard

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