Opinion: Five Classic Multiplayer Modes That Should be Added to Black Ops 4

Jeffrey Mizrahi

These classic modes deserve some more time in the spotlight…

Black Ops 4 launched with a meager 10 multiplayer modes. While we got two new modes like Control and Heist, the core rotation has left me wanting more.

Previous Call of Duty entries have always brought a fresh take to online first person shooter matches, but I feel like this years entry has missed the mark. Black Ops’ Wager Matches were some of the most fun I’ve had online and I loved the experimental nature of Modern Warfare 2’s modes like Cage Match and 3rd Person Team Tactical.

Here is my list of the five multiplayer modes from past Call of Duty’s that I would like see come back to the series with Black Ops 4.

One in the Chamber

One of the main Wager Match game modes, One in the Chamber was as fast paced as it was tense. A six player free-for-all where each player has an insta-kill M1911, one bullet, a knife, and three lives.

A game of risk/reward, making your shot reloads another bullet in your gun, but missing it means you’re forced to run around the map trying to get a knife kill. Trying to accurately line up my one shot at a madman frantically running towards me made me feel like I was in a horror movie. Turn off all specialists and hand everyone a Strife would make this a perfect fit for Black Ops 4.

Sticks and Stones

Black Ops 4 is sorely lacking special weapons. No, I don’t mean specialist weapons. I’m talking about weapons that feel special. Crossbows, Ballistic Knifes, Assault Shields, etc.

Stick and Stones was a mode based entirely around the unique new weaponry from Black Ops 1. Every player spawns with an explosive Crossbow, Ballistic Knife, and Tomahawk. Ballistic Knife and Crossbow kills grant the player 100 points, while Tomahawk kills reset the players score. Knowing that even when you’re in first place by a wide margin doesn’t make you safe has you playing differently throughout. Sticks and Stones (along with Crossbows and Ballistic Knifes) would bring some much needed variety back to Call of Duty.


A very overlooked mode, Pure was part of Black Ops 1’s Barebones section. Currently, the community is clamoring for Specialists-free game modes, so how great would it be if everything was stripped away. Just a player and their gun.

Pure was a standard TDM or FFA game type except for the fact that Perks, Killstreaks, attachments, and equipment were all turned off. With everyone on the same playing field, it all came down to your ability with your chosen weapon. I think at a time when people just want to go back to the basics, Pure would be welcomed with open arms.

Multi-Team TDM

I first played this mode way back in Halo 3 and was in awe. Multiple teams all fighting against each other on the same map led to some great “enemy of my enemy” moments. Teaming up on one enemy alongside an opposing team before pointing our guns at each other felt oddly strategic.

Black Ops II was the first and only Call of Duty to have this mode. Featuring up to 18 players and 6 teams means you can have 6 teams of duos, 4 teams of quads, etc. No matter the permutation, this mode is simply chaotic fun.

Capture the Flag

A literal classic, Capture the Flag has been in first person shooters since the genre was invented. Both teams have a flag, you need to capture the other flag and bring it back to yours. Simple enough.

While Heist has some Capture the Flag mechanics and inspiration, the mode can still be won just killing out the other team. Capture the Flag’s inherent strategy and tactics would make it a great staple to return to the franchise. In almost every entry, it is a little weird the mode hasn’t shown up yet, but Treyarch would be remiss not to bring this legendary mode back from the grave.

From the most popular to the overlooked, these are the modes I want to see added to Black Ops 4. What multiplayer modes would you like see make their return? Let us know in the ranking below: