Best Weapons to use in Black Ops 4’s Blackout

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Black Ops 4’s Blackout Battle Royale gamemode includes a multitude of weaponry, but not all weapons are created equal.

Every weapon in Blackout has an optimal range built into it. This range is the product of the gun’s falloff, damage, range, recoil, etc. The knowledge to use the best weapon for each situation can mean the difference between chicken dinner or a premature trip back to the lobby.

We’ll break out the best weapons based on range as this factor differ wildly from match to match in Blackout.

Long Range

Paladin HB50 Sniper

For the premium in long range precision, you’ll want the Paladin. The fire-rate of the sniper is the lowest, but its stopping power makes up for it. Level 1 & 2 armor opponents will generally require healing after the first shot (unless you miss) and give you the advantage as they play defense. Armor 3 is the main downside to the Paladin as it can tank body & headshots.


The Outlaw gives superior fire-rate over the Paladin, allowing the user to pelt out high damage round after round. The damage is much more subtle than the Paladin, but two shots per target will force healing/repair in most cases. The weapon serves as a great support weapon as your teammates push in to finish kills on hiding enemies.

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The KN-57 is an all-around beast in Blackout due to its stats lineup. The weapon can be easily used at medium and close range, but it serves as the best assault rifle in long range situations. While tap-fired with an Extended Barrel (reduces bullet drop), the weapon can delivered accurate shots at sniper ranges with decent damage to boot.

Medium Range


The ICR-7 may not be the powerhouse weapon of Multiplayer, but the long rifle still packs a mean kick. An average fire-rate is backed up by a hefty damage profile and low recoil. The gun suffers at long range due to its bullet drop and damage falloff.


The ICR might be the weapon of choice at the long end of the “medium range” spectrum, but the SWAT is king at the close end. The weapon includes a moderate recoil along with above-average per bullet damage. These two coupled with its high fire-rate give the weapon an advantage in most encounters.

ABR 223

The above two medium range weapons are decent all-around choices with 1-3 attachments, but if you are carrying a full attachment set, we recommend the ABR 223. The weapon’s per burst damage beats both the ICR & SWAT and shoots very quickly for a burst weapon. With headshots, the melting speed of the weapon cannot be understated. If you hear the triple burst, be careful not to get two-bursted.

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Close Range


Though the Spitfire received a nerf awhile back, it still remains one of the best close range weapons. The nuclear fire-rate covers for the tiny per bullet damage and gives everything outside of shotguns a hard time at close range.


While the Maddox in Blackout is under-powered compared to the other rifles, it excels at close range engagements. Naturally, most players prefer an AR to work at medium to long range, but the Maddox’s high fire-rate can grind through opponents quickly. The rifle does have a quick falloff range, so it is recommended to rock an additional AR along with it.

SG 12

The unarguable king of close range combat in Blackout. The SG12 is a semi-auto monster with a chance to one-shot opponents. The gun drops very frequently and serves as filler-loot in many locations. The weapon is useless at range due to 100% damage falloff, but its ability to contend with any armor level keeps it a viable choice throughout the match.

What weapon is your favorite in Blackout? Vote in our poll below! You can tell us why the weapon is your favorite in the comments or on Twitter @CharlieIntel.

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