Best Scorestreaks to use in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

Tommi Turunen

Scorestreaks have always been a key aspect of Call of Duty multiplayer and equipping the right streaks for your playstyle can mean all the difference.

Scorestreaks come in all different shapes and sizes. From the tiny Dart to the massive Gunship, let’s take a quick look through our favorites and each one’s strengths and weaknesses.

We’ve split the scorestreaks into three tiers: High, medium, and low.

High Tier Scorestreaks

  • Hellstorm – The missile packs a serious punch for only 950 score. The missile can split into tracking cluster bombs AND still acts as a predator missile after separating.

  • Sniper’s Nest – The Sniper’s Nest has two Pamaj level snipers onboard, each packing enough armor to withstand several rocket hits. The AI has deadly accuracy and can be unpredictable in their decision timing, making avoiding the Nest difficult.

  • Mantis – The Mantis is essentially a mini-tank that walks around the map and obliterates anything in its path. The bot has a long life span, moderate walking speed, and extremely high damage. Zero is the best option when looking to counter this monster.

  • Attack Chopper – The Attack Chopper is very similar to the Sniper’s Nest. The damage however is delivered much quicker through the use of an automatic turret.

  • Strike Team – As you can see, the trend of strong AI scorestreaks continues. The Strike Team kills quicker than players and has several times the health of a level 3 armor from Blackout. Additionally, players can direct the Team’s positioning by pointing them to objectives or chokepoints.

Medium Tier Scorestreaks

  • Dart – While the Dart does not have the firepower or mass kill threat of other streaks, it has a major advantage in that it cannot be countered by Flak Jacket. The drone is a one-shot kill if you get close enough and has three different flight modes for smooth handling.

  • UAV – The UAV can sweep targets and their movements. This is different than older CoDs where the UAV could only give a quick glimpse at the enemies’ standstill positions. The duration is shorter however.

  • Counter-UAV – The CUAV blots out the mini-map and prevents enemies from seeing any Fog-of-War activity. Quite an advantage when you consider non-silenced weapon fire.

  • Lightning Strike – The Lightning Strike’s slow bombing sequence is covered up by its one-time use UAV sweep as well as the sheer power of the blasts. Each blast generally kills all targets within its general area.

  • Drone Squad – The Drone Squad is among the weaker of the AI controlled streaks, but still delivers great utility. The squad can lock down objectives by firing over cover positions that the player cannot reach. In SnD, the squad will remain at players’ death positions.

  • Gunship – The AC-130’s return was a welcome one, but it lacks the power of the its predecessor. The reason isn’t its lack of damage when it brings out its triple guns, but rather a map design difference. MW2 has lots of open area maps whereas Black Ops 4 features a lot of closed off locations.

Low Tier Scorestreaks

  • RC-XD – Flak Jacket’s buff threw the RC-XD into a scouting role. While it can be useful in SnD, the little car simply isn’t up to the level of other streaks.

  • Care Package – The reason the Care Package is set in the low tier is due to its unreliability. While you might get something useful here and there, most of the time you will be wasting your time waiting for a RC-XD or UAV to drop from the package.

  • Sentry – The Sentry is the weakest AI streak in the game. Its slow turning speed makes the gun incapable of tracking quick players. The damage is also lackluster and can be avoided with ease.

  • Thresher – The Thresher can cause a lot of annoyance and damage, but it lacks correct AI guidance. The streak will flip between missing targets by miles and perfectly filleting opponents. The unreliable nature of the streak makes it a dubious choice.

What are your favorite scorestreaks in Black Ops 4? You can give us your vote in the ranked list below and tell us why in the comments or on Twitter.