YouTube Gaming now available in US and UK

Keshav Bhat

YouTube’s new gaming venture, YouTube Gaming, has officially launched in the US and UK. YouTube announced YouTube Gaming back in June before the start of E3, highlighting their big expansion plan into how to make YouTube more friendly for gamers.

Today, gamers interested in the new YouTube Gaming can start to visit That’s the dedicated link for this new platform. In addition, there’s an all new YouTube Gaming mobile app available now on iOS and Android. 

We’ve been using the YouTube Gaming app on iOS, and so far, it’s been a fantastic experience. The app is all about gaming – letting you easily search for the exact video you want. The app also features dedicated game pages allowing you to find all the content for a certain game much faster than before. In addition, YouTube Gaming also features a new streaming platforms that is launching in beta version. The new streaming platform makes it easier for content creators to stream games, as now they can provide a single link for all their streams. 

The app and website are currently limited to United States and United Kingdom but is expected to roll out to more countries over the weeks and months ahead. 

SOURCE: YouTube 

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