Warzone devs announce they have removed Deployable Cover

Nicholas Barth
Warzone Deployable Cover

Raven Software, the lead developers of Call of Duty: Warzone, have announced that they have removed Deployable Cover from the Call of Duty battle royale for the time being.

Field Upgrades are a kind of item that players have been able to use in battle since Call of Duty: Warzone first launched. These Field Upgrades could be found as floor loot and in supply boxes and provide various gameplay advantages for players who used them.

The Deployable Cover was one of the many Field Upgrades available for players to find and use in the first-person shooter until the developers of the fan-favorite game announced on May 11, 2021, would be taking the Warzone Deployable Cover out of the game.

Warzone Deployable Cover

Raven Software took to its official Twitter account and announced to the community that the studio had removed the Warzone Deployable Cover Field Upgrade from Supply Boxes and floor loot. The reasoning for removing this item was due to the studio wanting to “investigate an ongoing issue” with the Field Upgrade.

The developer added the removal of the Warzone Deployable Cover and its investigation of the issue with the item to the official Trello board for the franchise. The developers keep the community informed of what issues they are currently working on through this Trello board.

Now, Raven Software did not specifically say the issue with the item that caused them to decide to remove it from the Call of Duty battle royale.

However, members of the community discussed in response to the announcement that players were using it to get under the map in various areas of Verdansk ’84.

Glitch spots where players have been able to get under the map and in other areas not intended for players to enter have been a major problem with the game following the start of Season 3.

Raven Software may be looking to solve this problem at the spots where the Warzone Deployable Cover was being used to enter areas not intended for players to enter by removing it from the game for the time being.

We will update this piece with any new information regarding the removal of the Deployable Cover Field Upgrade when it is made available, and for more Warzone, stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision