Treyarch working on a fix for Blackout freezes in Black Ops 4 on Xbox One X

Treyarch has issued a statement regarding performance issues with Blackout on the Xbox One X. 

On 27 December, Treyarch has tweeted out their intentions to fix a recent bug that has been plaguing Xbox One X players in Black Ops 4.

We are aware that Xbox One X players are experiencing an intermittent freeze during late-game play in Blackout. We are actively investigating and will deploy an update as soon as we have a resolution to the issue. We will update you once that happens.

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The bug seemed to become prevalent since the games most recent patch update on 20 December. There has been a game settings update notice on the Xbox version of Black Ops 4 today, however that seems to be unrelated.

Other issues that Xbox One players have had recently include game crashing during Blackout among other Blackout related issues.

It’s unclear when Treyarch plans to deploy this fix, but their active investigation is a good step towards fixing the issue.

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