Treyarch dev confirms fix for broken ladder bug coming soon to Black Ops 4

Since Black Ops 4’s release in October 2018, the game has been no stranger to bugs. From flipping Cargo Trucks to clipping underneath the map, Treyarch has been working hard to squash them all.

A prominent bug that has recently been plaguing much of the Black Ops community has to deal with ladders. While tweaks and readjustments to the ladders and climbing system have been implemented since launch, they still aren’t where they should be.

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The current issue has to do with players falling off ladders when they shouldn’t. As highlighted in this Reddit clip by ‘Vigilante_808‘, he is seen performing the animation to climb the ladder, yet not actually sticking to it causing massive, unintended, fall damage.

Luckily, a Treyarch developer was in the thread to update everyone on their progress towards fixing this issue.

I believe we have a fix for this. Was speaking with one of our Engineers earlier who was working on this specific issue.

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Apologies for the fall damage!

Hearing that an engineer is currently working on this issue is a good sign and might point towards this fix being included in next weeks update 1.11. Check back here when that update goes live to see if the issue has been fixed.

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