Robert Bowling Twitter updates this week



Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling made the rounds again on Twitter this week (8/23-8/24) and answered tons of questions and confirmed new details. Here’s what he had to say:

-“Announcing the contents of the MW3 hardened edition at CoD: XP, NO PRESTIGE EDITION HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED.”
-Multiplayer has a completely “UNIQUE” unlock system.
-There will be an option like Black Ops to skip directly to the multiplayer screen in MW3.
-Will go into detail about the new ranking system and prestige modes at CoD: XP.
-Dedicated servers are exclusive to PC’s (none for consoles).
-PC MOD TOOLS are being “discussed” and would like to see, no confirmation yet though.
-EVERYTHING in regards to multiplayer will be revealed, even feedback from MW2.
-Spec-Ops Survival will also be playable on future DLC.
-Russian version (SKU) has not been finalized and unsure if it will be censored like in MW2 and BO.
-Astro Gaming headset will be used at CoD: XP
-“The focus of killstreaks has changed for MW3, in addition, the entire killstreak system was been revamped”.
-There will be parking availible at CoD: XP.
-No plans for a “Call of Duty Movie” yet.
-FourZeroTwo plays on all platforms, but mostly Xbox Live.

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