“Prestige Shop” Unlocked DAY 1 if you have Token & 402 Q&A


Thats right, the “Prestige Shop” will be opened and available right out of the box if you’ve already obtained a prestige token by prestiging in CoD4, WaW, MW3, or BO. You will NOT have to wait till Rank 80 to use those tokens. If you have never played (prestiged) a prior CoD game, then you’ll have to wait till rank 80 to access the shop and obtain your first token. Before it was assumed that you would have 1-4 tokens “waiting” for you once the shop was unlocked.

One thing thats unconfirmed is if you can purchase guns/gear that you haven’t unlocked yet on day 1 yet (we’re assuming you can “purchase” them with a token once its unlocked for the first time…)


FourZeroTwo Q&A:

-Campaign is focused on the single player cinematic experience.
-There are going to be midnight launch events worldwide, not sure which will be streamed.
-Reconfirmed that ELITE gives you all the DLC
-Kick is a weapon proficiency that allows you to reduce kick on the weapon its assigned to, so you have less recoil
-Its very fast paced, like Modern Warfare 2
-MW3 will feature hot-fixes
-Juggernauts are worn down slowly until you’re dead
-Your pointsreak never resets when using the Support Strike Package
-There is no cut off on when you can prestige in previous COD games to get tokens for MW3
-Each custom class can have different Strike Package assigned
-Attachments unlock naturally as you progressively rank up
-Veteran Option in the prestige shop is an exclusive set of emblems and titles for your callsign.
-Choosing an item in “Unlock Gear” keeps it unlocked permanently
-Gun Game, One in a Chamber, Infection, and others are to Private Match
-Reconfirmed MW3 has online spiltscreen
-The only way to have Assassin users show up on Radar is to tag them with Recon or Recon Pro.

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-SOURCE: @FourZeroTwo