Potential new Black Ops Cold War Prestige emblem revealed

Liam Mackay

Players have been seeing a Black Ops 4 Prestige emblem after completing matches in Cold War, potentially revealing it’s coming to Cold War in Season 1.

On December 16, Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone will all share a tied progression system. When integration begins, your rank on Modern Warfare and Warzone will be reset to match your rank in Black Ops Cold War.

After this, no matter what game or mode you’re playing, your Call of Duty rank will increase. Once you hit Prestige Master for a season, there are 1,000 more levels with in-game rewards to earn every 50 levels.

On December 8, an update was released for Black Ops Cold War, which gears it for Season 1. Since then, players have seen a new Prestige emblem.

New emblem revealed?

Twitter user xZomboking, who also streams Call of Duty, was rewarded with a new Prestige emblem in Black Ops Cold War.

This emblem is the same as the one received for reaching Prestige 4 in Black Ops 4. It’s likely used as a placeholder until Treyarch has uploaded their new prestige icon. Black Ops 4 assets have been appearing in Cold War since launch, after all.

It’s also possible that the new progression system will reuse fan-favorite prestige emblems from previous CoDs.

Treyarch will be previewing more content from season 1 right up until launch on December 16, so keep an eye on Charlie Intel for all the latest news.