Cold War player hits 10th Prestige without getting a single kill

Andrew Highton
black ops cold war prestige symbol and no deaths

One unconventional player has defied logic to hit 10th Prestige in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War without killing a single enemy along the way.

Nobody can tell someone how to play a game, just like how no one can tell you the right or wrong way to play Call of Duty. Some players favor the Objective and picking up wins, whereas some are animalistic predators intent on racking up obscene kill figures.

One player has managed to go for the opposite of kills by becoming the game’s ultimate pacifist. They have managed to reach 10th Prestige in CoD: Cold War without registering a single kill in over 200 hours of gameplay.

black ops cold war jackal holding gun

We covered back in January 2021 that Reddit user Pilgore had somehow channeled the patience to prestige without killing anyone, but obviously they have since topped this.

In a new Reddit post, Pilgore posted a message titled “Getting 10th Prestige a different way,” and the attached image proved just that.

Their stats showed that they had reached Prestige 10, Level 100. They had a whopping 9 days of playtime – equating to 216 hours – and crucially – 0 kills.

When asked how Pilgore was able to muster the patience to do this, they responded, “Playing the Objective and destroying Scorestreaks.”

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If you thought Pilgore’s reluctance to get a single kill proved harmful to the teams they were on, then you only have to look at their Win/Loss to see an impressive win ratio of 1.53.

We can imagine a great deal of luck went into this feat as there are always random factors that play a part in CoD, plus one errant missile could’ve proved costly. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive accomplishment, and we wonder how Pilgore will challenge themself next.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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