NICKMERCS explains why he doesn’t want Warzone to leave Verdansk

Fan-favorite content creator NICKMERCS recently commented on whether or not he would like to see a completely new map come to Call of Duty: Warzone or if Verdansk should continue to be updated likes it has so far.

The map of Warzone had gone through plenty of changes following its initial version when the Call of Duty battle royale was first released in 2020. One of the most notable changes that occurred was the transformation of Verdansk into Verdansk ’84 to kick off Season 3 of the Black Ops Cold War cycle.

This time-traveling transformation saw the additions of various new points of interest like Summit and Nakatomi Plaza, which have been looked upon fondly by players.

However, there are community members who would like to see a completely new map come to the world of Warzone in the same way that Apex Legends and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds have multiple maps for players to battle on.

The discussion of a completely new Warzone map became the main topic of discussion in the community again thanks to a recent leak showing off gameplay of an unreleased Ural Mountains Warzone map that never came to be.

This leaked Ural Mountains map resulted in popular content creator NICKMERCS giving his thoughts on whether or not Warzone needs a completely new map.

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In his video, NICKMERCS explains that he has been a fan of the reoccurring updates to Verdansk, especially Nakatomi Plaza from the Die Hard film franchise.

He says that he would not mind not having a completely new map for Warzone if the developers made major changes like Nakatomi Plaza to Verdansk regularly.

However, he states that if the community has to wait weeks and months for only additions like a single building, he is not onboard with only updates to Verdansk if they are of that nature.

It remains to be seen if Warzone will ever get a completely new map or if Verdansk will be the basis of the Call of Duty battle royale forever and will transform based upon the main entry in the franchise at the time, such as Verdansk ’84 and Black Ops Cold War.

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Image Credits: Activision/FaZe Clan

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