MW3 Content Collection 1 Preorder & Pricing Confirmed

Activision has now put the MW3 Content Collection 1 up for preorder for Xbox 360. The preorder is in store only and is available at GameStop in United States only. This marks the first time MW3 DLC has been made available for preorder.

As far as pricing, the preorder listing confirms that the Collection will cost $14.99 (USD) or 1200 MSP. This is a better value than previous Call of Duty DLC because this collection contains 6 pieces contents.

The contents include 4 MP maps, and 2 Spec Ops Missions. For full details visit our DLC page by clicking here

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To preorder: Click here

Content Collection 1 will be available on March 20th for Xbox 360. Coming soon to PS3 and PC.

SOURCE: GameStop

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