JGOD explains how Warzone XM4 buff puts AR in long-range Season 4 meta

Nicholas Barth
Warzone XM4 Buff JGOD

The June 30 update for Warzone was changed when it re-rolled back into the live version of the Call of Duty battle royale to include a major XM4 buff that intends to have this Assault Rifle move into the longe-range meta for Season 4.

The June 30 update for Warzone brought plenty of changes to the game, including nerfs to the Fara 83 and Nail Gun. However, due to issues the patch was causing when it went live, Raven Software rolled the June 30 update back before releasing it once again on July 2, 2021.

This second version of the update was also changed to include an XM4 buff that had not been in the first version of the June 30 update. This XM4 buff now looks to make this Assault Rifle a contender in the long-range meta for Season 4, according to Warzone stats wizard JGOD.

Warzone XM4 Buff

Before the latest XM4 buff, this AR had primarily been used as Sniper Support and an SMG thanks to its ability to dominate fights from short to medium distances.

The dominance of this Black Ops Cold War AR in these situations meant that it was not the greatest at far distances, but the new buff for the XM4 looked to solve this issue by smoothing out the recoil pattern for the XM4.

Popular Call of Duty content creator JGOD took to Verdansk ’84 to test out exactly what this smoothing of the XM4’s recoil pattern did to the Assault Rifle and found that it definitely allows players to be much better at controlling the recoil than compared to how it was before.

You can find an example of the difference below:

Warzone XM4 recoil before and after buff

JGOD explains how this recoil smoothing change will allow players to have a much easier time hitting their targets at farther distances with the XM4 before this specific buff was applied.

The YouTuber states that he believes this change was made to help the XM4 compete more with the Fara 83 and Krig 6 which have become the go-to Assault Rifles for far ranges thanks to their minimal recoil.

There is no doubt that plenty of players will likely be choosing to run this Assault Rifle from now on, as it is now a threat in an area where it had not been a top contender before.

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Image Credits: Activision / JGOD

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