Infinity Ward will work with Treyarch more in the future


According to the Official Xbox Magazine, Infinity Ward and Treyarch have had a rebellious tension the past couple years when it came to Call of Duty, and why wouldn’t they? Both studios should always strive to improve and out do the previous Call of Duty entry. However, with more and more new features shared between the studios like “Gun Game” and “One in the Chamber”, the the studios will finally band together more in the future according to Infinity Ward.

In the newest OXM issue hitting news stands this month, Robert Bowling said “I think there will always be a lot of communication back and forth. At the end of the day we are two different developers and we have different opinions about the games we make and the games they make. When we do something really great it would be good for theirs, and when they do something really great it would be good for ours, so I think you are going to see a lot more of that. We’re taking in feedback as a franchise as a whole, not just our individual iterations any more.”

He made similar remarks to when he said “Every year, we have that challenge of looking at what the previous Call of Duty has done, and trying to learn from that and better our own game because of it. do the same thing with Treyarch games, and I hope that they do the same thing with our games.”

When asked about how Call of Duty should change during the leap to Xbox 720 he said “After any big project you sit down and decide where we want to go next,” Bowling commented, “and in that conversation we consider what new technology is going to be available to us, what restrictions no longer apply that were there in the past and what our resources are, so especially in a transitional period in our industry that’s also something we have to take in. Right now, we haven’t decided what our next move is as Infinity Ward, but we are going to be taking all of that to our next iteration.”

SOURCE:  Official Xbox Magazine

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