Ghosts next-gen AI development held up due to lack of finished next-gen hardware

Keshav Bhat

Mark Rubin spoke with the Official PlayStation Magazine at E3, and he talked about how not having the finished next-gen hardware is holding up their progress of AI development.

“Slower than some of the graphics, to be honest, just because we don’t have final hardware yet”. As a result he says the team has had to be, “a little more cautious on some of that”.

Infinity Ward has been working on a new AI system for Ghosts, including not just having the AI shoot back at you, but also reacting to the environment. The AI is now a “situational AI”, not the traditional COD combat, which Rubin says, “I’m shooting at a bunch of guys and a bunch of guys are shooting at me.”

“They might behave differently to the dog,” says Rubin. “Or behave a little differently compared to the events that are happening in the level. They take some of the environment cues and pay attention to them. A lot of times they just kind of ignore the environment, they are just like ‘Ok this guy is supposed to be here I’m shooting, but the building is falling all over me… No, I’m still shooting you’. So sort of doing stuff like that”.

Mark Rubin finished by saying, “We are making big strides. We need some hardware, some finished hardware, before we can really expand”.



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