FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: What’s new in FUT this year?

Nathan Warby
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After months of anticipation, EA has finally shown off the changes coming to Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. In a short trailer, the publisher gave fans a closer look at what they can expect from the FIFA 22 FUT mode in the coming year.

Year after year, FUT proves to be the series’ premier mode, which sees millions of players competing to build the strongest team.

The loop of taking to the field in various casual and hardcore modes in the pursuit of new players from packs has built FUT a strong and passionate fanbase over the years.

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FUT Heroes have already been revealed, but what else can football lovers look forward to when FIFA 22 releases worldwide on October 1st?

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Changes to Division Rivals

Division Rivals has emerged in recent years as a great way to earn rewards for your club. In FUT this time, the mode adopts a seasonal progression system, with where you finish in one season affecting how high you start in the next.

Wins and losses still affect your standing, but streaks can also help you progress faster. Rewards are still dealt out weekly, but there are also packs and coins to be earned at the end of each season.

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The ranking will look familiar to veterans of the series, but there are now stages within each rank. Some of these stages are also checkpoints, which means you can’t fall below that position no matter how many times you lose.

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There’s also a new “elite division” above division 1, which will be home to the most skilled players aiming for a place in the Global Series.


FIFA 22 FUT Champions revamp

FUT’s elite mode has also seen a reworking ahead of FIFA 22. The weekend league will now be divided up into two sections, a “play-offs” section during the week where teams try to qualify for the “finals.” It appears to resemble the daily knockout tournament, which was scrapped for FIFA 20.

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The second half of the mode will take place over the weekend as it does now. Here is where the best rewards in FIFA 22 FUT will be on offer, as teams compete for points to improve their overall ranking.

Promo image of FUT Heroes cards

Other additions

Building on the stadium customization introduced in FIFA 21, EA is doubling down on letting players express themselves this year. A new range of tifos and trophies can be earned in-game and all-new features like VIP areas and crowd flags. There’s also cross-progression with Volta, which will keep your home-ground updated with themed cosmetics.

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The last big announcement comes in the form of public co-op matchmaking. FIFA 21 only allowed players to invite their friends to join them in an online match against other community members, and it didn’t appear to make much of a splash.

But this year, you can match with random players to try new players and squads “built specifically” for the mode.

This was just the first taster of what’s new in FIFA 22 FUT, and EA is likely to reveal even more in the coming weeks. With the beta and the demo also on the horizon, fans won’t have to wait long to get stuck in.

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Image credits: EA Sports / Dexerto

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