EA FC 25 leaks reveal new 5v5 Ultimate Team mode

Aryan Singh
Jude Bellingham in EA FC 24

EA FC 25 has been the subject of many rumors and a new leak suggests that the title could introduce a new 5v5 Ultimate Team game mode.

Barring the Evolutions feature, Ultimate Team in EA FC 24 kept the same structure with Rivals and Champions being the biggest draws once again. Players have been calling for a new UT game mode for years and it looks like the next installment in the franchise could answer their wishes.

According to leaked information from ‘FutPoliceLeaks’ and ‘FGZNews‘ on X, EA FC 25 will feature a new 5v5 game mode called Penta. The mode will let players form teams of four, along with an AI goalkeeper, and compete in online matches on a smaller pitch.

Unlike other online Ultimate Team modes, Penta will be all about collaboration, as players will be able to team up with three other friends or find random users through matchmaking. They will only be able to control one player of their choice from their team, which makes teamwork a necessity.

The mode will also have Objectives attached to it to spice things up. It’s worth noting that Penta is not expected to replace Squad Battles, as the single-player mode could be going through a revamp for EA FC 25.

A new Ultimate Team mode would be a strong selling point for the upcoming title. The notion of letting players work together to earn rewards also sounds promising. Keep in mind that this information is yet to be officially confirmed.

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