Data mined files reveal first details on new Gauntlet mode for Zombies in Black Ops 4

Information regarding upcoming ‘Gauntlet’ Zombies mode have been uncovered in old data-mine.

On 8 January, Treyarch has given a long awaited update to fans on what’s coming to Black Ops 4 Zombies. Among additions like Mastery Camos and new elixirs, what caught most attention was the brand new ‘Gauntlet’ mode.

While Treyarch kept relatively quiet about the mode, only specifying that it will launch first on Voyage of Despair on PS4, Reddit user ‘Cashmint‘ unearthed some more information.

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In a post on 8 January, Cashmint shared images from a data-mine created on 30 October that contained the full text for the official in-game description of Gauntlet.

Gather your Crew and face the GAUNTLET! Based on Classic Mode, each Gauntlet features 30 ROUNDS of challenges with DIFFERENT RULES EACH ROUND. MEDALS and SPECIAL REWARDS are earned at ROUNDS 10, 20, and 30. If your Crew fails to complete a round as instructed, you will get a STRIKE. Three Strikes and it’s GAME OVER!

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New Gauntlets will be released periodically with all-new challenges, and ALL GAUNTLET MATCHES ARE TIMED, so get out there and set some records!

The medals the description mentions most likely are these medals shown below that have been in the game files since the beta, Cashmint goes on to say in the comment section.

(via reddit)

While this information has yet to be confirmed by Treyarch, the details given about the mode would make a lot of sense for Zombies. However, what is still lacking any new information is the long talked about Factions mode that Treyarch first mentioned at the Black Ops 4 reveal event in mid-2018.

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Players can expect to get their hands on Gauntlet next week on 15 January, first on PlayStation 4.

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